Booking Your Session

Now that you've read through our pricing page, you're ready to book your session! Yay! This "guide" goes through what to expect leading up to your session and how to prepare. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out through the contact form!

Session Details

Pre-portrait consultation: Interested in booking a session? Contact me and we can talk the details (there is a LOT to go over!). Now would be the time to ask ANY questions you have about locations, shoot specifics, outfit recommendations, and to just swap ideas about what you would like the session to look like. Keep Pinterest handy, and and let's get creative!

3 Days Before Scheduled Shoot Day: Expect an email, phone call, or message just to check in and make sure everything is set for shoot day! This would be the time to reschedule for weather! South MS weather is so unpredictable it's best to wait just a few days before to for sure cancel or reschedule. I'll also just verify directions now to get to the chosen locations because we alll know Google is wrong sometimes.

Shoot Day: The big day is here!! Put on a big smile and let's have some fun! Arrive to the location dressed and ready. Shoot "time" starts when we begin taking pictures.

Check the social medias!: Within a week after the shoot day, small sneak peaks of 2-3 images will be posted on JS Creations Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to be on the look out for them!

Sending out the Final Product: Finished galleries are ready within 2-3 weeks and will be delivered digitally to your email unless otherwise specified! Information about downloading digital copies and ordering prints will be sent out at this time as well.