The current services I offer are portrait, rodeo, and equine photography as well as digital art commissions, such as logos and sticker designs.


Portrait sessions are a classic, and something I've done since I began this photography journey. A portrait session is basically what it sounds like, it is a photography session that consists of a single person being photographed. These can include varying outfits or locations, but are always limited to one person.

Pricing begins at $100.

Rodeo Action Photography

Rodeos have quickly became one of my favorite things to photograph. At the moment, there is no charge for contracting me as the photographer for an event. However, pictures must be purchased by the contestants of which the photographs are of.

Pricing for rodeo pictures begins at $5.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is something I have done longer than anything else. I specialize in equine art, but I am not limited to it. I can redraw your favorite image of you and your horse, or design a professional logo for your business!

Pricing for logos begins at $25. Pricing for digital drawings (non logos) begin at $30.