This is all just an idea! Nothing is set in stone, and I'm always up to suggestions/ideas!

Hey, you guys! Thanks for taking a minute to check out this page and read some of the ideas I have! One of the biggest ideas I've been stewing on is the addition of a senior team of cowboys and cowgirls who compete in rodeo. There are a lot of portrait photographers in the area, but not very many that are familiar with rodeo and how to capture images with horses. This isn't the fault of those photographers, it's just an area that they aren't the most familiar with. I'd like to open a new window for seniors who rodeo and allow them to get some amazing portraits and potentially action shots from someone that's been there, done that.

This would be open to anyone who competed in rodeo and is classified as a "senior" in home schooling, public schools, and private school. This would be exclusive to people living in Mississippi or very close to the Louisiana border (traveling to shoots will be the responsibility of the senior themselves). And obviously, would be exclusive to seniors who compete in rodeo, but can be any association (NCPRA, MHSRA, MSLBRA, ect.).

What would be offered for FREE to the chosen seniors:

  • 1 private session at an arena with their horse or equipment (for rough stock riders)
  • 1 private typical "senior" style session in a location of your choosing with the option for various outfits
  • free action shots at rodeos when I can make it there (and there is not a paid photographer)!
  • full coverage of your last state finals for MSHSRA contestants(1 day only action shots, 1 day of warm up/getting ready shots)
  • *very hypothetical* group practice/get together at an arena or big field for a team group session!

A poll to vote on if we should make this happen is here!

Please be honest, and if you disagree please tell me why or make another suggestion! I love to work with people and capturing the strong young adults of a sport I love and care about is truly a passion!

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

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